Renewed support for victims launched

Renewed support for victims and witnesses of crime on the island has been pledged today with the launch of Victims First Jersey and the Victim and Witness Charter.

Today [18 January] the Attorney General alongside the Home Affairs Minister, Len Norman, announced the launch of the initiatives created simply to best support those affected by crime, and set out the standards of care that can be expected by them.

The charter is a publicly available online document which will be used by support workers to explain the process ahead for those involved in crime as a victim or witness. An animated video has also been created to explain the process to younger islanders.The charter is supported by a number of agencies and organisations including: States of Jersey Police, the Law Officers’ Department, the Judicial Greffe, the Viscount’s Department, the States of Jersey Prison Service, the Probation and Aftercare Service, Justice and Home Affairs and the Honorary Police.

Attorney General, Mark Temple QC said: “The Victim and Witness Charter is a hugely important tool to have in place to best support anyone who unfortunately becomes a victim or witness to crime. As well as outlining the process that islanders will be taken through, the charter also details how any complaints about this process should be dealt with, another key factor in ensuring victims and their wellbeing is prioritised.”

Today also sees the launch of Victims First Jersey, a new service to provide emotional and practical support to victims and witnesses of crime. The service is staffed by victim care co-ordinators and volunteers, and support is provided whether or not there is police involvement.

Home Affairs Minister, Len Norman said: “Innocent victims and witnesses of crime deserve the upmost care and support through the events following the crime that has affected them. The main focus should always be to catch and bring perpetrators to justice, but we must not forget about those who are affected by these crimes, sometimes catastrophically.”

More can be seen about Victims First Jersey here



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