Police Re-introduce a Drug Squad

2021 welcomes some new changes to two existing departments within the States of Jersey Police.

The force has re-introduced a Drugs Squad; the dedicated team of eight officers will enable more proactive work focussing on those drug related investigations that have a serious impact on our community. The team will also continue to work closely with Jersey Customs and Immigration Service (JCIS) and the recently introduced Community Policing Team to disrupt organised crime groups targeting the island.

SoJP has one detection dog, a springer spaniel called Jack. He is trained to find drugs, cash and guns and he will play a role within the new Drugs Squad.

Although the team won’t always exclusively deal with drug offences, and will also work on other tasking and deployment, should it be required, their primary focus will be on Operation Shark and Operation Lion, both of which have already resulted in drug seizures and convictions.

Operation Shark launched in February 2020, focussing on illegal drugs and has so far resulted in approximately £50,000 of seizures. As well as continuing to focus on operations like this, the newly formed Drug Squad will also focus on other activities linked to organised crime; modern day slavery; criminal and sexual exploitation; money laundering and serious acquisitive crime.

Chief of Police, Robin Smith said: One of our key roles is to catch criminals and in doing so protect islanders. We aim to achieve better knowledge sharing and suitable resourcing to disrupt and prevent the work of those responsible for drug crime within our community. By increasing our team to work with law enforcement partners and prosecutors we can ensure we use the most effective means to disrupt criminal groups. My warning to those considering importing or dealing drugs we will find you and arrest you."

Illegal drugs can often be linked to organised crime within our community. They are known to put a strain on our health services, our economy and can tear apart families. It is our job to protect Jersey from these threats and continue to target those involved in drug related crime in order to reduce the risks that illegal drugs pose to our community.

Another change this year has seen the Serious Crime Unit (SCU) revert back to its more familiar title - the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). This team’s work focuses around crimes such as serious assaults of a violent or sexual nature and major thefts, amongst others. The name change, whilst symbolic, reflects our shared determination to getting ‘back to basics’ and delivering the very best policing service to island.


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