‘Thank-you’ to islanders

Following the festive period, Chief of Police, Robin Smith has a message of thanks to share with islanders following their adherence to Covid restrictions.

He said: “Festive periods are often one of our busiest times of the year, however, this year for obvious reasons has been like no other, with significant reductions in crime and routine calls for service.

“Recorded crime for December was down 54% compared with last year, not an unexpected statistic given the current circumstances. This has allowed us to focus on increasing our visibility alongside the Honorary Police to provide greater reassurance to our communities.

“Reports of Covid related matters have thankfully been minimal. Officers offered advice and guidance where necessary, but have not needed to use enforcement powers as individuals have quickly complied with the restrictions.

“We were enormously grateful to islanders over the festive period and in particular their response to ‘staying home’ this New Year’s Eve. While we did have some issues to deal with, these were relatively minor. It is clear the vast majority of islanders have followed the Government’s advice to stay at home in the interests of keeping people safe.

“We are also thankful to partners who we have worked with, not only over New Year, but also over the whole festive period. As we come into a new year, we must be mindful that COVID is still very much with us and we urge islanders to continue working together to keep everyone safe.”

St Helier Centenier Danny Scaife, head of the Comité des Chefs de Police said: “The Honorary Police would also like to thank islanders for their continued support over the festive period this year. We realise that it’s been a difficult year, especially with tighter restrictions in place over Christmas, but on the whole, the Government guidance has been followed and we thank those for doing their bit to keep others safe.”


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