Man who spat at police officer jailed

A man who spat in the face of a police officer while he was being arrested on Saturday has today, [Monday 15 February], been jailed for six months.

46 year old Christopher Hall was arrested at Snow Hill on Saturday afternoon for being drunk and disorderly after shouting abuse at police officers in the presence of the public. He was warned about his behaviour but continued to shout and swear in public and officers were left with no option but to place him under arrest.

Whilst being transferred to a police vehicle, Hall spat in the face of one of the officers.

Hall was then charged with assaulting a police officer and being drunk and disorderly and taken into custody. He appeared in court today and was sentenced to six months in jail for the assault on the police officer and a further month for the drunk and disorderly charge to be served concurrently.

Inspector of Community Policing Huw Williams said: “Our officers do a challenging job and in difficult circumstances. Spitting is a vile act, in particular during a pandemic with heightened health concerns. I am proud of the way our community officers dealt with this incident – professionally and robustly. I hope this sentence sends a signal to those who break the law and disrespect our officers who dedicate their professional lives to helping others.”


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