Man found guilty of murder

Today, a jury at The Royal Court found 58 year old Jamie Lee Warn guilty of the murder of Zsuzsanna Besenyei. Warn was originally found guilty of murder in 2019 and again at a re-trial in 2020, but was granted a third retrial in 2021. 

Warn originally received a life sentence when he was tried in 2019. He will now be remanded in custody until he is sentenced at a later date.

Originally from Hungary, 37 year old Zsuzsanna had lived in Jersey for several years. She had known Warn as they used to work together – he was the last person to see her alive on 10 May 2018.

The investigation involved extensive enquiries, including telecommunication and CCTV data. Police worked closely with partner agencies including the Fire service, Coastguards and the Ambulance Service, producing compelling evidence to identify Warn and his actions that led to the death and disposal of Zsuzsanna Besenyei.

Detective Constable Caroline Foord, who worked on the case said: “We respected the Court’s decision to give Warn another retrial, but there was never any question in our minds about his guilt. We like to thank all the witnesses involved for their assistance in the case and our thoughts go out to Zsuzsanna’s family and close friends, who have lost their daughter, sister and friend.  We recognise this has been a hugely difficult and distressing time for them and we hope this verdict gives them some form of closure.”


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