Drink Drive Campaign

The emergency services have come together to launch a joint campaign to tackle drink-driving in the island.

Spearheaded by the States of Jersey Police the annual campaign aims to raise awareness of the dangers of drink-driving, and reduce the number of Islanders who choose to take the risk of doing so.

The campaign follows on from the 2020 campaign and uses the strapline #NoneForTheRoad. The policing operation will see extra patrols with both States of Jersey and Honorary Police across the island tackling drivers who have been drinking and risk driving either that same day, or the morning after.

Inspector Callum O’Connor, Roads Policing lead said: “This campaign is always an important one, we need to highlight the devastating impact that drink driving can have on lives and this is an opportune time to get this message out. When people are celebrating with friends and at work parties they need to be reminded of the consequences should they choose to drink and drive. Attending a road traffic collision can be one of the hardest tasks in policing, but also for the other emergency services; scenes can be devastating and innocent bystanders can often be impacted.

“Driving after having any alcohol involves a risk, and that’s why we are promoting #NoneForTheRoad to encourage Islanders to really consider the impact it can have, and not make that selfish decision.”

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