Robbery Sentencing

Today [14 September 2020] the Royal Court sentenced 37 year old George Eduard Gheorghe to four years in prison for attempted robbery.

Gheorghe pleaded guilty on the 29 January to the charge of Robbery (Business Property) (Attempted) and has remained in custody since then.

On the 24 January 2020, Gheorghe entered the Morrisons Daily store on Gloucester Street at around 21:30. He was armed with a kitchen knife and pushed his way through the back door as staff were closing up. He forced the two female staff members at knifepoint to open the office door, where he believed the store kept their cash.

As the office door opened the women managed to get inside and lock the door behind them leaving him standing on the shop floor. Realising he’d been outsmarted he made a quick exit out of the back door empty-handed.

Following extensive CCTV enquiries, Gheorghe was quickly identified and arrested two days later.

Detective Sergeant Lynda Mckenna said: “He subjected the two shop assistants to what can only be described as a terrifying ordeal. Thankfully crimes such as these are very rare in Jersey but the States of Jersey Police will always do everything in their power to bring these offenders to justice and take a robust and zero tolerance stance to crimes of violence.”


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