Halloween Advice

Halloween has always been a popular celebration for children, families and young people especially, but this year Islanders are being advised against taking children trick or treating due to risks associated with the Coronavirus pandemic. Door to Door visits make physical distancing difficult to maintain and touching doorbells and handing out sweets poses a risk of spreading the virus.

While we know some people see Halloween as an opportunity to have fun and enjoy themselves, it can be a frightening time for others, especially those who are vulnerable. We want people to enjoy themselves safely but Halloween does not legitimise bad behaviour or vandalism and people need to consider how their actions can affect others.

To ensure responsible trading, we are working with local businesses and asking shops to restrict the sale of flour and eggs during Halloween to under 18s and those they suspect will use them to damage property. Posters [displayed below] bearing the same message are also being distributed to local shops by community officers.

Halloween Poster

If you feel threatened or vulnerable over Halloween, or see any suspicious behaviour, please call the States of Jersey Police on 612612 or 999 in an emergency.


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