Op Canvas – Dangerous Driving

Yesterday [Thursday 5 November 2020], the Magistrates’ Court issued 19 year old Jamie Higo with an eighteen month driving ban and a £2,500 fine after he pleaded guilty to dangerous driving offences. 

Higo was stopped doing 84 mph by Honorary Police in St Ouen on 8 August. He pleaded guilty at an earlier court date in October when a forfeiture order of Higo’s vehicle was considered.

Ultimately, the court decided not to seize the vehicle in this instance, but did however conclude that they do have the power to do this and Higo was warned to expect this outcome should he be convicted of future motoring offences.

In June, the States of Jersey Police launched Operation Canvas targeting anti-social drivers. Along with key stakeholders, SoJP continue their commitment to remove both dangerous drivers and unsafe vehicles from our roads.


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