Operation Rockpool

As we approach the weekend, with further good weather forecast, States of Jersey Police, the Honorary Police and Jersey Youth Service will be stepping up activity to tackle the growing issue of anti-social behaviour (ASB) at key locations throughout the Island.

As has been widely reported in the local media, there has been a noticeable increase in groups of predominately young people ignoring physical distancing rules, littering, displaying public drunkenness, ASB and general disregard for authority.

Operation Rockpool will dedicate officers to known trouble spots and they will be taking a more robust stance on those who fail to heed police warnings.

Chief Inspector Mark Hafey, who will lead the operation, said: “There is rightly frustration amongst the law-abiding public about the behaviour we have seen of late.

“A growing minority of mainly young people are behaving appallingly and this is having a significant impact on the ability of other Islanders to enjoy our outdoor spaces.

“We have increased our resources over the coming days and will be focusing on known problem areas.

“Our policing approach – the Four Es - hasn’t changed but we will take enforcement action against those wilfully ignoring physical distancing rules and committing other offences”

The police are also asking the parents and guardians of teenagers to help them. CI Hafey added: “We welcome the support of parents and guardians as we seek to address these challenges together.

“We recognise that moderating the behaviour of teenagers is hard but we ask that parents and guardians are actively engaging with their children to understand what they are doing, where they’re going, and to help them understand the impact of the behaviour we have seen of late.”


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