COVID-19 Policing Weekend Round-Up

Following the easing of some Stay Home restrictions over the weekend, the States of Jersey Police and Honorary Police have maintained their policing approach, providing visible reassurance and engaging with the public to help with adjustment to the new rules.

In total, the following activity took place (SoJP figures only):

• Premises visited – 91.
• Stop checks – 98.
• Vehicle stops – 17.
• Beach / park visits – 87.
• Words of Advice given - 39.
• Arrests / detentions – Nil.

There has been notable increase in both foot and vehicle traffic, though all entirely expected given the changes.

Certain hotspots have begun to surface, especially in the south-east of the Island, with a number of reports of young people congregating in groups, largely during ‘quiet’ hours. These locations will be patrolled more regularly over the coming days.

Additionally, a rise in non-Covid related crime has been seen, which had dropped dramatically during the initial phase of the Stay Home order. Crime levels are now comparable to those seen prior to the order coming into effect.

States of Jersey Police Chief Officer, Robin Smith, said: “Again, we’ve seen Islanders playing their part, with high levels of compliance to the revised restrictions.

“It’s particularly pleasing to see the efforts being made by the majority of the public, and those businesses that are open, to maintain physical distancing.

“The rise in ‘normal’ crime was anticipated, though it is of some concern that much of this is alcohol related.

“We are closely monitoring and responding to the changing policing environment which is likely to include some additional operational activity over the coming weeks.

“As we look forward to the forthcoming Liberation weekend, I just ask Islanders to remain mindful that restrictions have eased, not ended, and to continue to comply with the rules for the benefit of the Island as a whole.”


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