SoJP statement regarding Stay Home Instruction

The States of Jersey Police have been involved in the planning of the Stay Home Instruction, the next necessary step in our collective efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19.

It is our expectation that Islanders will comply fully with the measures, recognising that they are ultimately saving lives.

Our policing approach through this period is clear. We will:

  • Engage – with those we suspect to be in breach of the Stay Home Instruction.
  • Explain – why these measures are so important in slowing the spread of the virus and saving lives.
  • Encourage – people to comply.
  • Enforce – only where absolutely necessary, using all available powers.

Chief Officer Robin Smith added: “We are extremely thankful to the many Islanders who have been so supportive and diligently followed the Government advice thus far.”

“It is our hope never to have to use the emergency powers we have been given but we will not hesitate to do so to protect the public and to maintain law and order.

“We wish to reassure all Islanders that the States of Jersey Police will continue to be there for all who need us throughout this challenging period.”



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