Weekend Policing

This weekend, the States of Jersey Police had extra officers on duty, as pubs and bars were open again for the first time since March.

Officers provided a visible police presence working alongside the Honorary Police, Jersey Youth Service, Street Pastors and the taxi marshals, ensuring public safety and compliance with COVID-19 regulations, with the emphasis on Licencing.

Throughout the weekend officers carried out 134 licensed premises checks and worked with licensees to ensure COVID-19 regulations were complied with. Overall, police were pleased with the outcome, with only 22 arrests made in in town, 12 of which were adults for drink related offences and the others were disorderly matters involving juveniles.

Acting Chief Inspector Mark Hafey said: “These are still unprecedented times and I understand that people need to adapt to these new regulations. In the main we found pubs and bars to be well managed and it’s clear that many licensees have made every effort to comply with COVID-19 regulations. We will continue to work closely with licensees in the coming weeks and months, to ensure standards are maintained and regulations are followed.

“We did make a number of drink related arrests this weekend, which is disappointing but was to be expected. It’s always a shame when someone’s excessive drinking causes issues for others. These individuals will be dealt with appropriately.


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