Operation Canvas - Keeping Roads Safe

During the Coronavirus pandemic some drivers have taken advantage of the quiet roads, driving dangerously and at excessive speeds.

We received complaints in respect of this and as a result have commenced Operation Canvas in conjunction with our Honorary colleagues to tackle these issues.

Police Officers targeted drivers breaking Jersey’s Road Traffic Laws in various locations Island-wide, during the weekend of 20/21 June, with the aim of disrupting this behaviour.

As a result, several vehicles were impounded due to being driven in a dangerous condition, with numerous other vehicles being reported to DVS for defects. Drivers found exceeding the speed limits were reported, with the top speed being 53mph.

St Ouen’s Centenier Paul Battrick said: “This was an excellent start to this initiative, working in partnership with States of Jersey Police, targeting those drivers who are causing tensions within our community.”

Acting Chief Inspector Craig Jackson said: “Sadly we have seen some motorists driving irresponsibly, with excessive speeding and driving vehicles that are unfit for our roads. Some of these actions, can have fatal consequences. The removal of these vehicles from our roads will go some way to making them safer for all other road users.”

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