Community Service Order

Today, Adam Bellamy and Harry Rawnsley-Gurd, both aged 20 were each sentenced to 120 hours Community Service and ordered to pay compensation after pleading guilty to malicious damage and assault on police. Rawnsley-Gurd also pleaded guilty of resisting arrest and Bellamy pleaded guilty to escaping lawful custody.

Police were alerted to an incident in the early hours of Sunday 14 June, where paint had been thrown over the Les Jongleurs statue in Queen Street and after being stopped by a police officer, one of the men tried to flee. The officer was able to grab hold of the man and a struggle ensued, resulting in the officer being punched several times and being repeatedly hit over the head with a foam scaffolding sleeve. The officer was able to use his PAVA spray to subdue one of the assailants until back-up arrived.

Chief Inspector Craig Jackson said: “We take a zero tolerance approach to violence towards our officers, who are doing their job in very difficult circumstances. They should be able to carry out their duties of keeping public and property safe without the threat of being assaulted. Those that think it’s acceptable to assault police will feel the full force of the law.”

The officer involved in the assault sustained minor injuries and continued the rest of his shift that night.


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