Ecstasy / MDMA Advice

Ecstasy is the common name given to a tablet that is thought to contain the drug MDMA. MDMA can at times also be found in powder or crystal form.

Jersey's Alcohol and Drug Service have provided the following advice for people who use MDMA.

Taking ecstasy involves risks; these risks increase if the tablets are strong and people who intend to use them are unaware. MDMA can affect the body’s temperature control and dancing in a hot atmosphere after taking it further increases the risk of overheating.

The safest harm reduction measure is not to use at all, however anyone who intends to take ecstasy should remember some important safety measures:

  • Tablets - start with a quarter. It is harder to gauge dosage with a pressed tablet so start with a ¼ of a tablet and wait two to three hours to feel the effects before taking more.
  • Powder/crystals – Crush, Dab, Wait. Crush into as fine a powder as possible, lick the tip of your index finger and dab it into the powder. If this is pure MDMA this will be roughly 80-100mg or a single “dose” based on the proportionate size of your index finger to the rest of your body. Mix this with water / fruit juice and swallow. Wait 2-3 hours before taking more (compared to tablets MDMA crystal is often higher purity)
  • You can always take more but you can never take less. Starting with a large dose can potentially lead to more harms and once the drug takes effect it can’t be stopped. Starting with a smaller dose, waiting and taking further smaller doses are less likely to result in harm
  • It is important to stay cool and drink enough but not too much water. As a general rule do not drink more than two cups (250ml) of water every hour. If dancing make sure to take regular breaks to cool down
  • MDMA can interact very badly to several prescription and non-prescription drugs. If you are on any medications or plan to / often take other drugs including alcohol alongside MDMA make sure you have checked for and understood potential interactions (Weekend Welfare have a chart on this)

Some other considerations include:

  • Ensuring to eat a good meal before taking MDMA (like alcohol an empty stomach can make matters worse).
  • Try to avoid snorting MDMA, this can lead to further health problems and sharing straws/notes can lead to blood borne viruses.
  • Avoid using alone and do not leave friends alone who are on MDMA. Ideally have a “sitter” who remains sober who can look out for everyone.
  • If you have a pre-existing health problem of any kind especially a heart condition, blood pressure problems, epilepsy or asthma this will only increase the dangers of taking MDMA.

Seek immediate medical assistance if you or anyone else begins to develop any of the following:

  • Heavy sweating
  • Weakness / fainting
  • Cold pale and clammy skin
  • Noticeably fast pulse and/or a weak pulse
  • Nausea or vomiting

Anyone who is concerned about ecstasy use should call the Alcohol and Drug Service on 01534 445000 for confidential advice or help.

Support and treatment is also available for under 25 year olds who are struggling with problematic alcohol or drug use via the Service’s Young Persons Substance Misuse Worker on 01534 445008.

For anyone requiring emotional support that may have been directly affected by what has happened the following excellent service links may be useful:

Further information about club drugs the following resources may be helpful:

In cases of emergency, dial 999.


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