Expansion of Island’s Community Policing Team

The States of Jersey Police has announced the expansion of its Community Policing Team, which will roll out from this week to January 2021.

Strengthening the team means that each of the Island’s twelve parishes will have its own dedicated officers to:

  • Engage and build relationships with their community
  • Find out what is happening in their parish and pro-actively descend on any problems
  • Prevent crime
  • Target repeat offenders
  • Be visible, accessible and well known in their parish

Following a Government grant approved in 2019, with support from the Home Affairs Minister and the Jersey Police Authority, SoJP has been able to afford the recruitment of 30 new police officers, 16 of which have been allocated to the Community Policing Teams.

The officers will have time dedicated to spend specifically within their parishes to focus on building relationships with its residents, while working alongside key partners to address issues that matter most to those residents. As well as regular opportunities to speak to their dedicated officer while on duty, parishioners will also be able to contact them by email, telephone or face-to-face during regular police surgeries.

Currently there are nine officers in post, and once complete [January 2021], the team will consist of 16 officers, four assigned to work with the Island’s schools and young people, and twelve to work within the parishes. A ‘buddy’ system has already been established so that a pool of select community officers can provide cover in other parishes, should the need arise.

Robin Smith, Chief of Police said: “Delivering this initiative has been a top priority for the States of Jersey Police and I’m enormously grateful for the support we’ve received from our Minister and the Jersey Police Authority.
“Our recent recruitment drive has enabled us to reinvigorate our Community Team and despite the challenges of COVID-19, which made us even more determined to introduce this for Islanders when it is needed the most, we have delivered.

“Providing each Parish with a dedicated officer will ensure we stay connected with our communities and deal with the issues that matter the most to them. Community policing is very much about getting ‘back to basics’ and is an integral part of our policing culture and tradition. I look forward to the positive impact that the investment into such a core team will have on the Island.”

Constable Len Norman, Home Affairs Minister said: “Community policing remains at the heart of what States of Jersey Police excel in doing; engaging with Islanders to prevent crimes and problem solve.

“I’m very pleased that the additional Government funding has enabled the force to strengthen in numbers, and allow for a dedicated officer for each parish to serve our Islanders.”

Jason Lane, Chair of the Jersey Police Authority added: “There is no doubt that the return of a dedicated community policing team is something that the public wanted and I’m delighted to see its reintroduction at a time when support for those most vulnerable in our community should be at the forefront of all our efforts.”

You can find out who your community police officer is HERE.


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