SoJP Weekend Round-Up

States of Jersey Police are taking the opportunity to thank Islanders after the vast majority of people complied with the Stay Home Order over the weekend.

Alongside the Honorary Police, States Police Officers patrolled day and night in all parishes, engaging with the public and, where appropriate, explaining restrictions and encouraging compliance.

In total, the following activity took place:

  • Premises visited – 118.
  • Stop checks – 72. *A stop check is where a pedestrian or group of pedestrians are stopped when there are reasonable grounds to believe that they not complying with restrictions. It does not include public engagements for any other reason.
  • Vehicle stops – 1414.
  • Beach / park visits – 67.

Regrettably, some enforcement activity was required:

  • Words of Advice given – 228.
  • Premises closed – 1.
  • Arrests – 1.
  • Detention (for the purpose of returning a non-Stay Home Order compliant individual to their home) – 1.

States of Jersey Police Chief Officer, Robin Smith, said: “I’m really pleased with how the Island has responded to the Stay Home Order this weekend. Together we’re trying to adjust to this new normality and it’s clear that most are absolutely playing their part.

“There have, regrettably, been some who have needed additional guidance but in general people are being highly responsible, for which we are thankful.”

Jade Hamon, 45, who was arrested and charged under the new Covid-19 (Screening, Assessment and Isolation) (Jersey) Regulations 2020 on Saturday afternoon, has since been fined £500 at the Magistrate’s Court (via video link). Over a number of days, he repeatedly failed to heed Police warnings to comply with the Stay Home Order and made it clear to Officers that he had no intention of doing so.

Chief Officer Smith added: “With further good weather forecast this week, and the forthcoming Easter weekend, we do hope that the public will continue to show the same level of support and consideration for fellow Islanders that they have thus far.” 


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