New Police Dog Joins the Force

States of Jersey Police welcomed their latest recruit last week after seven-and-a-half weeks of training in the UK.

PD Pippa, a German Shepherd, is the latest dog to join the force. She will work alongside experienced handler, PC Dave Bisson, replacing PD Turbo, who retired earlier this year after six-and-a-half years of service.

14-month-old Pippa comes from a litter of eight who are all being trained as police dogs, in-fact one of her brothers was on the same course. PC Bisson joined her in the UK to complete her initial training with Surrey Police. They managed to complete it just in time to return to Jersey before travel restrictions came into place.

PD Pippa joins the force’s other dogs, PD Jack and PD Leo, and is now fully licenced.

PC Bisson said: “PD Pippa took to her training really well and passed her assessment with flying colours.”

RPD Turbo, who now lives with PC Bisson as a family pet, has also welcomed PD Pippa into the family home. PC Bisson Dave explained, “She’s settled into life at home very quickly and she gets on well with all my other dogs, even Turbo, who up until now had never really been interested in playing with other dogs. It’s really nice to see.”

PD Pippa is a multi-purpose dog who can be utilised for a variety of tasks, some of which include: tracking, public order incidents, building searches, chasing and detaining and off lead open searching in large areas.

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