Op Hectare - Update 20 November 2019

States of Jersey Police are continuing to investigate the rape of a teenage girl in Gorey on Halloween.

Updated information is as follows:

  • Officers / police staff now working on the case – approximately 15 (including two officers from Guernsey Police and one from Devon & Cornwall Police)
  • Persons of interest – 54
  • Lines of enquiry – over 230
  • House-to-house enquiries – over 300
  • Calls from the public – 118
  • CCTV received from 21 premises totalling over 100 hours of footage

They’re now seeking help to find the driver of a small hatchback that drove past Gorey Pier towards Gorey Common at 11:59pm on the night of the attack and may have key information.

20191120_Op _Hectare _CCTV_Hatchback _2359hrs

Detective Superintendent Stewart Gull, who is in charge of Crime Services at SoJP said: “As we approach the three-week anniversary of this reported attack, detectives continue to work hard pursuing a range of enquiries.

“In the absence of any clear suspect, this is by its nature time-consuming work – following every lead in minute detail and visiting and assessing a range of identified persons of interest.

“The response from the public has been significant and very helpful - we’re extremely thankful for the community support we’ve received. This will take time but please rest assured that we continue to do everything that we can to solve this case.”

Anybody who knows the owner of the vehicle, recognises the man in the e-fit or who was in the Gorey Common area between 11.30pm and 12.30am on Halloween night (31 October) and hasn’t yet been in touch, is asked to call police on 612214 / 612612 or contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


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