Scam Warnings and Advice

Scammers continue to target islanders as we had more scam reports than usual yesterday. The scams are both online and telephone scams, claiming to be either banks, internet companies or HMRC (Inland Revenue) attempting to get you to part with personal details or cash.

No bank will call you asking you to transfer funds or ask for your account details. Internet companies don’t call you to tell you about issues with your internet, and HMRC will only contact UK tax payers and they never issue refunds.

Please, please do not give out personal details or transfer funds no matter who is asking. Always check and double check that who you are speaking to is authentic. Don’t call them back on a number they supply you with and don’t simply reply to emails. If you need to check with the appropriate company, then look up their details independently and ask them.

Any reputable company will fully understand why you are being cautious and asking questions.

For more information check out the scam section of our website 


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