Operation Duke – Verdict

Today, 55 year old Jamie Lee Warn was found guilty of the murder of 37 year old Zsuzsanna Besenyei, a Hungarian national who had lived in Jersey for 7 years.

The jury took 6 hours to find the defendant guilty after hearing evidence over the last 7 days.

Zsuzsanna’s body was found washed up at La Pulec Bay on 16 May in 2018. Her car had been located at low tide some 500m down the beach at St Aubin on 14 May and this discovery then sparked a missing person enquiry.

Results of a Home Office post mortem were inconclusive but there were no signs of natural causation, however passive data connected to mobile phone use and CCTV was invaluable, and played a big part in securing this conviction.

Acting Chief Inspector Craig Jackson, who led the investigation said: “This has been a long and complex investigation and officers have worked tirelessly on pulling all aspects of this case together. Our thoughts are foremost with Zsuzsanna’s family, who have lost their daughter and sister.  They have had to deal with the distressing circumstances surrounding Zsuzsanna’s death, and we hope this guilty verdict gives them some closure.”

“The defendant Warn went to considerable effort to cover his tracks following the murder of Zsuzsanna – probably as a result of an argument about money. He even tried to point the finger of blame at another man. Despite his silence and denials justice has been secured today at the Royal Court.”



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