Summer Drink Drive Campaign

The States of Jersey Police, with our colleagues in the Honorary Police are supporting a nationwide Summer Drink Drive campaign from Monday 1 to Sunday 7 July in an effort to raise awareness and deter drivers from drink driving.

As the sun comes out for summer, traditionally there tends to be a rise in numbers of drivers caught that are over the legal limit. Summer BBQs and parties can all encourage us to drink a little more than usual however, those who choose to drink and drive place themselves and others at risk of serious injury or even death.

Choosing to drive when you have been drinking is also seen to be highly anti-social, and we often get calls from the public, reporting suspected drink drivers to police. This is a clear message to anyone getting behind the wheel when they have been drinking that our community won’t tolerate this behaviour.

We are hopeful that the message is getting through as numbers have slowly started to decline. In 2016, between June and August 48 drivers were reported for drink-driving, whereas in 2017 during the same period, 30 drivers were arrested and last year saw a further drop to 25 drivers.

Inspector Paul Ryan from the States of Jersey Police said: “In an ideal world, the number of people drink driving would be zero, but being realistic we know this is still happening.

“There is no excuse anymore to drive whilst drunk. There are other options to get you home after drinking. If you’re going out and you know you’ll be drinking, make plans to get home, book a taxi, get a friend to be a designated driver, arrange a lift or get the bus. The risks just aren’t worth taking.

“If you know someone is driving whilst drunk, call us and tell us. These drivers are putting us all at risk. The simple answer is, if you intend to drink any alcohol, just don’t drive.”

Police are also advising that if you have been out drinking to be very careful the morning after. It is surprising how long it takes for all the alcohol to be eliminated from your system. It is best to walk, get a lift or take the bus the next morning just to be on the safe side.

The campaign runs for a week, with officers from both the States of Jersey Police and the Honorary Police out and about doing road checks in various locations. Officers will however, continue to monitor and check drivers for drink driving throughout the year.


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