St Catherine Boat Arrests Statement

At 08.02am on Tuesday, 02 July States of Jersey Police (SoJP) were alerted to a suspicious boat landing immediately south of St Catherine.  Initial enquiries by SoJP and Jersey Customs and Immigration Service resulted in two women and a man being arrested.
The three, all originally from England, have subsequently been charged as follows:
·         33-year-old woman – Child neglect and immigration offences.
·         67-year-old man – Aiding and abetting and immigration offences.
·         67-year-old woman – Aiding and abetting and immigration offences.
They appeared in the Jersey Magistrate’s Court on Thursday afternoon (4 July) where they all entered guilty pleas for the charges.  The 67-year-old man and woman have been released on bail and will appear in the Magistrate’s Court on 8 August 2019 for sentencing.

SoJP continue to work with the Law Officers’ Department and international partners on this case, noting that the 33-year-old woman has also been arrested on a warrant issued under the Extradition (Jersey) Law 2004 by the Jersey Magistrate’s Court.  Extradition proceedings are ongoing, for which she has been remanded in custody for four weeks.  She is due to return to the Magistrate’s Court for an extradition hearing on 1 August 2019. 

Two children, a girl aged 4 and boy aged 3, were also on board and are currently being cared for by Children’s Services on Island.

Pictured below is the boat they were apprehended in. 

20190704_St _Catherine _Boat _Photo _Higher _Res


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