Safer Internet Safety Day-Tuesday 5th February 2019

With a Safer Internet Safety Day theme of ' Together for a better internet’, Prison! Me! No Way!!! Jersey and the States of Jersey Police continue to work in partnership with HSBC Channel Islands and Isle of Man. The three- way partnership, with the Bank sponsoring the Get Safe Online programme, which is helping to deliver a cutting-edge programme aimed at helping to protect the community from online crime and fraud.

From cyberbullying to social networking, Safer Internet Day promotes the safe and positive use of digital technology, particularly amongst children and young people. The campaign aims to raise awareness of emerging online issues and topics reflecting current concerns, and everyone has a role to play.  

This high- profile campaign is about informing children and young people. parents and carers, educators and social care workers, but also empowering them. Helping them to get the most out of what the internet offers, do it safely and develop digital skills and confidence – because creating a better internet depends on everyone.

Prison! Me! No Way!!! Jersey in partnership with the States of Jersey Police will be delivering age appropriate and tailored lessons in line with PSHE to every secondary school, in order to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones amongst young children and young people

Lesley Harrison, Chairman Prison! Me! No Way!!! Jersey said: “Today’s children are growing up online, and make little distinction between life online and off. Their use of online games, apps and services play a crucial role in the development of their identities, friendships, relationships, passions and aspirations.  It is essential that we respond by offering them high quality online safety education that will enable them to make positive choices that will help keep them safe, and also enable them to recognise the consequences and relevant

Chief Inspector Chris Beechey, States of Jersey Police said: “We want young people to explore how the internet works, and through the partnership create awareness and provide education on who owns the information that is shared on it, and how they can actively take ownership of digital spaces. We want to empower young people to take control of their online lives and to feel that they can harness and use the positive power of the internet for good.”

Chris Langford, HSBC Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management in Jersey said: “People and businesses around the world are falling victim to fraud abuse and other crimes either initiated or propagated online every single day of the year.  This is absolutely as much the case in the Channel Islands as anywhere else and nobody, whatever their background, education, age group or location, is immune from this threat.  By working with our key partners, HSBC can bring the latest thinking to customers and the community in ways that are easy to digest and follow and every month we’ll be posting new Get Safe Online tips and advice about how to stay safe when using the internet.”


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