Operation Hectare – Update 23 December 2019

States of Jersey Police have today concluded the Gorey rape investigation that was reported to them on the night of 31 October 2019.

Thousands of working hours have been spent exhaustively gathering and analysing evidence and following every lead to its natural conclusion. The public response to appeals has been unprecedented with over 150 calls providing information.

Investigation work has included:
• 300 house to house enquiries
• 85 statements
• 150 calls from the public
• 300 actions completed
• 100 hours of CCTV viewed
• 75 people of interest assessed

Detective Superintendent Stewart Gull said. “In the absence of any further lines of enquiry this investigation has come to a natural conclusion. Officers have undertaken methodical and painstaking work and through technology and witness evidence we have narrowed down the timing of this alleged offence until just after 12 midnight on 1 November. We have traced some 14 witnesses who pass the bus stop at the relevant time who all describe seeing a lone female.

"I am absolutely confident that we have explored every avenue open to us and I recognise that this will leave some lingering nervousness with the public, but it is our belief that the risk of a repeat occurrence is extremely low. Of course, we would always recommended that people take reasonable steps to safeguard themselves, irrespective of this case.

“Whilst we would wish for a more conclusive end to this investigation, I must pay tribute to the officers, police staff and partners who have worked diligently to get to this point. I am also extremely thankful to the public and the media whose information and support has been invaluable and a real demonstration of the strong sense of community that exists in Jersey.”


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