Woman Followed

Another incident that appears to be very similar to that of the woman that was followed in Springfield Rd two weeks ago, occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning on 23 September 2018.

A woman in her 30s who had been enjoying a night out in town was walking home at approximately 02:00 / 02:30am when she was followed home by a man.

She left an establishment in Mulcaster Street and walked through the Royal Square towards Bath St, then from Bath St into Belmont Rd, along Simon Place before turning left into St Saviour’s Rd.

As she approached the Monterey Hotel in St Saviour’s Rd the man asked her if she was ok. This was approximately 02:30/02:45am and there was a couple walking nearby, they turned into Stopford Rd and headed down the road in the direction of David Place.

After turning into her driveway and walking to her door, the man continues to follow the woman, at which point she challenges him before going inside.

The man then walked off. He is described as being between 25 / 35 years old, approx. 5’8 tall and unshaven. He has dark hair, dark eyes and a tanned appearance, possibly Mediterranean and he spoke in broken English. He was wearing a knee length navy mac, zipped up to the neck.

The woman is 5’1 with shoulder length blonde hair and was wearing grey trousers and a cream cropped leather jacket and she was barefoot at the time.

We would like to speak with anyone that may have seen this man or anything that looked suspicious in the area at the time. We would especially like to speak with the couple on St Saviour’s Rd that walked down Stopford Rd as they could help us with our enquiries.

We remain open-minded to the possibility that this incident and the one in Sprigfield Rd two weeks ago concern the same offender and whilst thankfully incidents of this nature are rare in Jersey we would like to take this opportunity to advise the public to stay vigilant if walking alone at night. 


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