Consent Campaign - #YouWillGetCaught

The States of Jersey Police is today launching a campaign to raise awareness of and prevent rape and sexual offending.

The campaign, which will involve advertising in clubs and pubs and social media, will send out a strong message that rape is not about a misunderstanding of consent but it is about power and control and predatory behaviour.  The campaign – designed in partnership with Freedom Media, support services and members of the community – uses a series of predatory animal images to challenge commonly held attitudes and beliefs and drive home the message that if you commit a sexual offence you will get caught.The campaign has been launched to coincide with the updated Sexual Offences (Jersey) Law which comes into force later this month and provides greater protection for victims of any gender. It also clarifies the law on consent, particularly for cases involving alcohol or drugs.  When the law comes into force, those accused of rape will have to show that they took steps to ensure consent was freely given.

The updated law is also clear that consent can be taken back at any time before or during the sexual act and this is the focus of the second part of the campaign which features the ‘hook-up’ concept.  This concept is based on dating apps such as tinder where users swipe right if they like someone and left if they don’t. The tagline reads “Swiped right? Just because you said it was on doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind”.Acting Superintendent Alison Fossey said: “Tackling rape is a priority for the States of Jersey Police. We are acutely aware that sexual crime is under reported but we remain committed to working with partners, especially support and advocacy services such as the SARC at Dewberry House, JAAR and the Jersey Women’s Refuge, to encourage victims of sexual crime to report.”

States of Jersey Police will be posting the images and some accompanying videos on social media from the 19 November. 

It’s time to talk about Sexual Offences Jersey Law 2018 #SOJL2018


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