Weather Conditions - Update

Following on from the weather this morning and the disruption to traffic, the
weather conditions for tomorrow morning will be less severe, but rain forecast for tonight will add to the issues.

Tonight’s weather and high tide isn’t currently thought to pose many issues, but another Red weather warning has been issued for tomorrow and the tide movement in the morning could see similar scenes from today, as high tides and high winds will again test our emergency services.

Although not thought to be quite as severe as this morning, the high tide of approx. 12 m is due at 07:51am and we are expecting SW winds of up to F8, with offshore waves possibly reaching 20ft.

It is thought that roads could be closed again as per today, anytime from approx. 07:15. The areas of concern remain the same: Victoria Avenue, Five Mile Road, Havre des Pas, Rice Bowl slip, La Mare slip, Le Hurel slip, Anneport and the area between St Aubin’s and Beaumont.

Because of debris being thrown over the sea walls, we would advise that you DO NOT park your vehicles in coastal car parks such as the lay bys along Victoria Avenue and Le Perquage car park at Beaumont.

We would also advise that cyclists don’t use the St Aubin – West Park cycle track. A number were seen to use the track this morning amid rocks and stones being thrown over the sea wall. Please remember to keep yourself safe.

Several more schools re-open tomorrow after the Christmas holidays and again the message from the Education Dept. is if you need to drop children off later to school to avoid the congestion caused by the weather, then that is advisable.

Please keep an eye on our social media feeds for regular updates.

Finally, we’d like to thank our colleagues in the emergency services and those at DFI and the Parish of St Helier for the hard work and commitment shown by clearing tress, debris and roads as quickly as possible in order to get everything back to normal and running smoothly. If you are stuck in traffic, please be understanding as people are working tirelessly to keep people and properties safe.


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