Storm Warning for Wednesday

Jersey Met have issued a Red weather warning for early tomorrow morning, and following a joint agency meeting, plans have been put into place to ensure we are prepared for any disruption and possible damage that may occur as a result of the combination of high winds and a high tide.

High tide tomorrow morning is due at 07:03am with a height of 11.6m, plus a surge of 0.7, totalling a height of 12.3m, one of the highest tides the island has ever seen. Offshore waves are expected to reach 22ft in height and the winds are estimated to be force 10 at around 03:00 – 04:00am, reducing just slightly to force 8 – 9 at approximately 06:00am.

This high tide paired with extremely strong winds will almost definitely result in some roads being closed to traffic as a matter of safety. SoJP will be working with our Honorary colleagues in order to facilitate this.

The main areas of concern are: The Avenue, Five Mile Rd, Havre Des Pas, La Mare Slip, Rice Bowl Slip, Le Hurel Slip, Anneport, St Brelade’s Bay and St Aubin - from St Aubin’s Village to Beaumont and Le Perquage car park and potentially the Gorey Harbour area.

It is estimated that roads in these areas may be closed from 06:00/06:30am onwards and we hope that roads would re-open around 08:30 / 09:00am but this would be dependent on any damage that the storm may cause.

It is advisable not to park your car in any car parks along the avenue or in the Beaumont / La Haule coastal car parks or on slipways where parking is usually permitted.

It is also not advisable to cycle on the main St Aubin – St Helier cycle path because of debris that may be washed over the sea wall. The cycle path may be closed tomorrow morning.

Education have also informed us that because certain schools are due back tomorrow, Head teachers are happy for parents to drop children off a little later to avoid any congestion from road closures. The school buses will all be operating as normal.

Our advice is to plan your journey. You may face traffic delays in the morning. We will keep you updated on our Facebook and Twitter feeds as the morning progresses.

For more detailed forecasts check out Jersey Met


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