New style Policing Plan released

A new style of portraying policing priorities has been revealed today following feedback and consultation from the public.

The Jersey Police Authority’s Policing Priorities for 2018 and 2019 represents an important new step in how police actions are displayed to the public. 

Chair of the JPA, Dr Jason Lane, said that the plan is more focussed, easier to understand and interpret.

“I hope it will provide greater accessibility and accountability to the public,” said Dr. Lane. “The four priorities outlined in the plan represent the joint view of the Authority and the States of Jersey Police of what our community needs, being based on consultation and feedback from the public, the priorities will provide added value to our community.”

The Minister for Home Affairs Kristina Moore appointed Dr Lane as the new Chairman of the Jersey Police Authority on 6 November 2017.

Dr Lane added: “For this reason, the Plan ensures we maintain and improve our policing services to those who need them the most, while maintaining a service for all.  We want to develop greater engagement with all sections of our community and work more closely with partners to ensure that your police service understands and responds efficiently and effectively to your concerns.”

Deputy Chief Officer Julian Blazeby added: “The 2018/19 Policing Plan will ensure we listen to our communities and their needs, work closely with partners and continue to develop our police force to ultimately keep Jersey a safe place.
“Our four priorities are clear, and over the next two years we will be focusing on delivering against each of these, meeting the current and emerging challenges policing faces.”

The JPA is an independent body which is responsible for the oversight of the States of Jersey Police and ensuring they deliver their key aims and objectives and maintain an efficient and effective police service.

The Authority also provides a vital link between the Home Affairs Minister and the States of Jersey Police.

Home Affairs Minister Kristina Moore said: “I congratulate all those who have worked on the new style Policing Priorities which are set out in a clear style to make it easier to understand and interpret.
“The new layout by the Jersey Police Authority, demonstrates in one page the four priorities for 2018 and 2019 which are; protecting the most vulnerable children and adults from harm, keeping communities safe, strengthening community working in partnerships and continuing to improve your police service.
“We are proud of our Police service and how it is meeting the challenges and expectations of our community. And it is encouraging to see from the Jersey Opinion and Lifestyle Survey (JOLS, 2016), that Islanders also think that our police force is doing a good job and have never felt safer.”



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