Safer Drinking this Christmas

Police have planned three weekends of high visibility activity this festive period to encourage Christmas revellers and party goers to have a good night out by not drinking excessively.

#EnjoyMore_DrinkLess is a local initiative that looks to address the fact that some people think it’s socially acceptable to intentionally drink to excess.

In the run up to Christmas, St John Ambulance and extra local Street Pastors, will be on hand in Weighbridge Place for anyone that requires first aid, reassurance, safety and support whilst out enjoying themselves. The police will also be supporting this project and will be assisting throughout.

We know that as we get closer to Christmas the number of offences linked to alcohol rise, therefore a group was set up consisting of industry members and charities with the aim of promoting sensible drinking at this time of year. By having a first aid capability directly in Weighbridge Place it is hoped to take the pressure off the A&E department at the hospital somewhat.

We want everyone to enjoy the party season with the help of a few tips to keep you safe:

  1. Always plan your journey home, whether it be making sure you have enough money left over to get a taxi, or that you’ve arranged for someone to collect you.
  2. Don’t leave a friend behind, make sure you look out for each other.
  3. Remember that you won’t be served or get in anywhere if you are drunk.
  4. Don’t spoil your night out by drinking too much.

Sergeant Paul Smith said: “It’s been great to have the support of different agencies, charities and commercial businesses whilst planning this project. We don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun at Christmas and this initiative is about keeping everyone safe. We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable night out, but we know all too well that drinking too much can ruin your night. We’ll be out on these weekends talking to people and offering help, should they need it.”

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