Need for Speed??

As part of a new engagement initiative earlier this year, a new car joined our fleet in the form of a race specification BMW M3. The car was loaned to us by crime and thriller author Peter James, and Peter will be racing this car at the JMC & LCC Sprints on 29 December 2018.

Our aim is to engage with young people about safer driving and on Saturday 29th, we’ll be at the event at the Five Mile Road, talking to them about this.

It takes a lot of skill to drive safely and accurately at speed, and our message to young drivers eager to speed and drive dangerously on our public roads is, to join one of the local motoring clubs and learn how to do this properly, in a safe environment.

Peter, who now lives in Jersey, will be driving in the Modified Production Class and he’s said he wants the car to be a conversation starter between young people and the police.

The Sprints take place on Saturday 29 December between 11:00 – 16:00 at La Braye on the Five Mile Road.



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