Speeding Campaign Concludes

The States and Honorary Police have conducted a total of 74 speed checks between them, as part of the week long speed campaign that concluded yesterday.

92% of the checks were carried out in areas that were previously identified as having a high number of road traffic collisions that resulted in injuries.

Out of the 43 checks police carried out, 28 drivers were reported for speeding with 70 being issued words of advice. Honorary colleagues reported 32 drivers during their 31 checks and issued 277 motorists with words of advice. This higher number being over an all-night speed check that St Saviour Honorary Police carried out in Maufant, last Monday night.

The speeds recorded have seen 29mph in a 15mph speed limit, 32mph in a 20mph limit, 45mph in a 30mph limit and 55mph in a 40mph limit.

Acting Inspector Paul Smith, lead for the campaign said “During the same period last year 16 drivers were reported for speeding and this was without the publicity of a campaign and the messages being sent out about increased speed checks around the island. We are disappointed that despite the campaign and the media coverage this year the number is much more than that of the same week in 2017.

“Injury road traffic collisions should never be accepted as the day to day reality of living in Jersey. All road users have an opportunity to play their part in making our roads safer, ensuring that you drive or ride within the speed limit is part of this and we each have a role to play.

“We will continue to focus on speeding and other motoring offences throughout the year with the aim of keeping the roads, that our families, friends and colleagues use everyday safer.”



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