Second phase of major project to be rolled out

The States of Jersey Police has just signed a contract with communications provider Motorola Solutions, enabling the second phase of the SMARTpolice project to be rolled out.

SMARTpolice is the digitization project in which all police officers have been provided mobile devices, enabling them to work more efficiently and spend more time out on patrol.

The first phase of the project was to issue the devices to officers, equipping them with programs that allow them to do their job on the go. The second phase is to develop apps so police can do even more without having to return to the station, meaning more time is spent out serving the community.

Motorola Solutions’ Pronto suite of mobile apps has been selected for the second phase of the SMARTpolice project. Pronto is already used by a third of UK forces, and States of Jersey Police will be the first force outside of the UK to use this software.

“Our goal was to get officers to spend more time out in the community, and less time with paperwork at the police station, said Deputy Chief Officer Julian Blazeby, States of Jersey Police.

“With Motorola Solutions we believe we have found a partner with proven experience in public safety mobile solutions and high flexibility in solving for our specific needs.”

“We are proud to partner with States of Jersey on the mission of digitising police work,” said Phil Jefferson, vice president for Western Europe and North Africa, and Country Manager UK and Ireland, Motorola Solutions. “This deployment demonstrates Pronto’s flexibility as a platform supporting Police forces of different sizes and needs.”


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