International Speeding Campaign

Next week, States and Honorary Police will be out and about conducting speed checks as part of a week long campaign led by TISPOL the European Traffic Police Network. The campaign forms part of the ongoing combination of education and enforcement activities conducted throughout the year by SoJP and follows the changes to speed limits introduced by the Infrastructure Department earlier this month.

Running from the 16th – 22nd April, officers will be focussing their attention on those locations that have proven, through data analysis, to have the highest number of collisions resulting in serious injury.

Acting Inspector Paul Smith, lead for the campaign said: “It is not acceptable on an island of this size that people are still being seriously injured on our roads. If the unexpected happens, such as a child stepping out, then the speed of your vehicle plays a huge part in whether or not you can stop in time. If you can’t, the greater the impact speed the greater the chances of causing serious injury or death. As part of this campaign we will be focusing on roads that have shown to have higher numbers of collisions and injuries. Drivers exceeding the speed limit can expect to be stopped and prosecuted”.

Transport Planner for DfI, Dave Malpas said “A pedestrian hit at 30mph has a very significant one in five chance of being killed. This rises significantly to a one in three chance if they are hit at 35mph. In working closer with the Police we are determined to identify and implement measures for road safety interventions, encouraging drivers to think of the potential outcome of excessive speed.”

We want drivers to think about the speeds they choose to drive at, which are both legal and appropriate for the road conditions. By doing so, they will reduce the risk they face and those risks they pose to other road users, who are ultimately our family, friends and neighbours.


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