Operation Shadow – Un-regulated Transport

The States of Jersey Police are aware that Jersey Lifts has been operating on Facebook for some time and additionally on an ‘app’ that was recently introduced.

A genuine ‘lift share’ causes the police no concern at all. However where the driver goes beyond that and profits from the journey, then the journey becomes ‘unregulated transport’. This places the driver at risk of prosecution for insurance offences and operating a vehicle without a public service vehicle licence. It also places the passengers at risk of being transported by an uninsured driver.

The States of Jersey Police are also concerned about passengers being driven by individuals’ they do not know and are potentially placing themselves at risk from the driver and also the condition of their vehicle’s road worthiness.

Insurance companies share these concerns and as a result are prepared to consider invalidating their customers’ insurance policies should evidence of such activities be brought to their attention by the police.

A procedure has been agreed between the police and the insurance companies to allow for sharing of information. The Tax and Social Security Departments will also be informed.

Safeguarding and Education is the main aim of this initiative to ensure drivers and passengers do not place themselves at risk of prosecution or having their insurance withdrawn.

‘Operation Shadow’ will commence imminently where police officers will stop and issue notices to drivers and passengers that they believe are involved in unregulated transport.

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