Firearms Surrender a Success

Operation Aztec, the National Firearms Surrender ended at midnight last night with a total of 108 items being handed in during the campaign.

States of Jersey Police supported this National campaign for the first time and have been surprised by the number of items that have been surrendered to them by the public.

These items include: 33 shotguns, 8 rifles, 16 air rifles, 16 pistols, 11 air pistols, 1 black powder pistol, 11 blank firing/starter pistols, 2 flare guns, 9 swords and 1 bayonet, plus a quantity of ammunition.

Head of Firearms, Chief Inspector Chris Beechey said: “We were really surprised at the amount of calls we received and the volume of weapons surrendered. The campaign obviously helped spread the message and we are delighted that so many people responded to it.

“We will now engage the help of partners to identify those items of historical value and interest to ensure that they end up in the right place.”

The surrender initiative was led by the National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NABIS) and we will be sharing our results with them.


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