"WannaCry" Ransomware attack

The ‘WannaCry’ ransomware attack over the weekend has impacted heavily on a number of hospitals and GP practices across the UK – with organisations in up to 75 other countries also falling victim.

Since Friday, it has been further reported that 150 countries around the world have been affected. 

Whilst we have not yet ‘seen’ any local reports, this does not mean that it has not and is not being experienced in the island and today will see advice and guidance being issued from various sources in order to help people and systems protect themselves against this particular attack and other associated attacks that will undoubtedly follow.

The links below contain advice on how to respond to or protect yourself from an attack.

If you have been a victim of such an attack, please report the incident to the States of Jersey Police on 612612 in order that we can assist you.  It will also help us to co-ordinate the Islands response, better understand the local impact and ensure that local Cyber Security experts and organisations can learn from recent events.



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