Search for Valerie continues

Search teams are once again on the North Coast looking for missing 75-year-old Valerie Jehan.


The search was scaled back overnight during the hours of darkness but commenced again this morning.


A number of people have contacted the police since the media releases yesterday and officers are now following up on those enquiries.


One contact by two members of the public believe that they saw Valerie mid-way down the path to Devil’s Hole at approximately 12:50 hours on the Friday afternoon, this being the first confirmed sighting of her since she exited the bus at 12:07 hours.


Search officers at the scene have been updated and this sighting has been factored into their plans.


Chief Inspector Chris Beechey said: “Although we have received this one sighting, a contact that reinforces what we have been doing over the last few days, we continue to believe that something has happened to Valerie soon after this time and that she has either slipped or stumbled in what is very difficult and slippery terrain even for a young walker.


“Sadly because of the passage of time, the weather conditions and Valerie’s age we now believe the chances of finding her alive are remote. However our search team officers continue to look for her and our specially trained Family Liaison Officers continue to support the family at this very difficult time.


“It is likely that our designated land search will be completed in the next few days and if so, this particular aspect of the investigation will stop however all other enquiries will continue.


“Once again I appeal to anyone who was in the area of Devil’s Hole at lunchtime or early afternoon on Friday to ring us on 612612. Even if you are sure that you didn’t see Valerie that could still help our investigation.”



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