Summer Drink Drive Campaign Results

For two weeks this July, States of Jersey Police and our Honorary colleagues carried out numerous checks for drink-driving from July 1st to the 14th.

The total number of vehicles stopped during this campaign was 1167, with 7 arrests. During last year’s campaign in 2016, 2851 vehicles were stopped and 7 drivers arrested, so although less vehicles have been stopped this year, the same number of arrests were made, indicating that the message about the dangers of drink-diving is possibly not getting out to everyone.

The highest reading during the campaign was 99 ugs, almost 3 times the limit!

One of the drivers stopped for drink-driving even had young children in the car with him and admitted to consuming alcohol prior to getting into his car.

2 drivers were stopped as a result of calls made to us by the general public and we thank the public for reporting this anti-social behaviour to us and urge them to continue to do so.

Although the campaign has concluded, we and our Honorary colleagues continue in our pursuit to detect and prosecute those who continue to drink and drive. There can be no excuse and the risks to public safety have been well advertised. As part of our ‘Let’s Look Out for Each Other’ campaign we continue to ask the public to call us should they suspect someone of drink-driving. The offence has no place on Jersey’s roads and together we can make our roads safer.


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