JMAPPA Annual Report 2016

Today see’s the release of the 6th Jersey Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (JMAPPA) 2016 Annual Report.

A total of 116 individuals are ‘registered sex offenders’, 33 of these people are in custody and 83 are in the community. The majority of these offenders are managed at JMAPPA level 1 (single agency), with 48 being dealt with via the higher JMAPPA levels of 2 & 3.

During the sixth year of operation, the number of offenders being managed through this multi-agency process saw a reduction (20) when compared with 2015. Subsequently the number of multi-agency meetings required to consider these individuals dropped from 135 in 2015 to 82 in 2016, a reduction of 39%.

Whilst the overall number of registered sex offenders increased in 2016 to 27, a new refinement in the risk assessment has made the process more efficient and effective and allows professionals more time to focus on offenders who might be deemed a high risk to reoffend.

These statistics form part of JMAPPA’s 2016 Annual Report, which outlines the work of the group, as well as the numbers and levels of those they manage.

The Jersey Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements, or JMAPPA, was set up in 2011 after the implementation of the Sex Offenders (Jersey) Law 2010 to manage sexual, violent or dangerous offenders, together with potentially dangerous persons.

It is a group made up of a number of agencies including the Police, Probation, the Prison and Customs and Immigration, with support from Home Affairs, Housing, Health and Social Services & Education. A number of “interested parties” are also involved, including the Honorary Police.

Detective Superintendent Stewart Gull, Chairman of JMAPPA, said:
“The figures shown in this year’s report are testament to the fact that the JMAPPA process works. Since its inception six years ago, the agencies within this partnership have worked with and supported high risk offenders within the community ensuring that they also take personal responsibility for their behaviour and conduct.”

The 2016 Annual Report can be found on the States of Jersey Police website.


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