Promoting Safer Drinking

Officers from the Licensing Unit are manning a pop up bar during late night shopping to talk to islanders about safer drinking this festive period.

The campaign centres on making the right choices on a night out, so instead of drinking too much and getting in trouble, drinking responsibly, having a good time and then heading home.

The mobile bar will be outside BHS between 6pm and 8pm on Thursday evenings in the run up to Christmas where officers will be there to chat to late night shoppers about the harm caused by drinking to excess.*

They will also have some “activities” for people to try, including beer goggles to distort vision and then a challenge with and without the goggles. Officers will also have alcohol measure glasses to see what your home measures equate to, and alcohol charts so people can see what that means in units and calories.

Extra officers will be out and about in the run up to the festive period to support licensees and ensure islanders have a good time and also stay safe.

Beer mats and posters have also been produced to remind drinkers of these key messages.

Inspector Andy Bisson, Head of the Community Policing Team, said:

“Christmas is a very busy time for the States of Jersey Police, not least because of the numbers of Christmas parties that are happening.

“The majority of people want to go out and have a good time but there will always be a small number who go too far, or get themselves into unfortunate situations or danger. To those people we would like to say to think about what you are doing and know your limits – the last thing we want for you is a night of regrets.

“Our aim, and that of the licensees and our partner agencies, is for people to go out, have a good time and get home safely.”

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