Muratti policing

Extra officers had to be called from their daily shift duties to deal with pockets of fans causing trouble at the Muratti.

Most of the thousands of fans were well behaved and enjoyed the event, however small groups of fans, from both Jersey and Guernsey, did cause problems which are now being investigated further.

During the match 20-30 fans had to be ejected from the stadium due to their behaviour, but were moved to a separate area and caused no more incidents.

Plastic bottles and cans were also thrown towards rival fans.

Following the match a cordon manned by officers had to be placed on the junction of Halkett Street and Hilgrove Street to keep rival supporters apart and to prevent any breaches of the peace.

Guernsey supporters were later escorted to the boat by officers to prevent further problems between fans and for their own safety. Officers remained at the Harbour until the boat left the island.

One man was arrested for refusing to obey police officers. Officers are now reviewing CCTV and body worn video to look for any further offences.

Inspector Sarah Henderson, who was leading the policing for the event, said: “To see this kind of behaviour is very rare for the Muratti, which usually sees lots of banter between the teams but this was beyond that.

“It’s a shame that such a great community event can be spoilt by the disgraceful behaviour of a handful of people. They should be incredibly ashamed of themselves.”


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