Reward offered for Adrian info

Up to £10,000 has been offered by an anonymous donor for information leading to the finding of missing Adrian Lynch.

Today Adrian's father Danny and step-mother Sharon held a press conference with officers from the States of Jersey Police to inform the public about the reward.

Here is the statement from Chief Inspector Lee Turner: "We are sadly now approaching six months since Adrian Lynch’s disappearance in the early hours of Saturday 5th December 2015, in the Carrefour Selous area of St Lawrence, after having earlier attended a Christmas party at a hotel in St Helier.

"Despite significant search efforts by many people, the tremendous support of the community, and an extensive police investigation, Adrian still remains missing.  An open mind has always been maintained in respect of what might have happened to Adrian, but as yet there are still no indications of criminal involvement – that however cannot be ruled out.

"A reward has now been offered, by a donor who wishes to remain anonymous, and who has come forward in support of Danny and Sharon Lynch. This anonymous donor is offering up to £10,000 for any information leading to Adrian being found.

"Anyone with information can call the States of Jersey Police on 612612, the independent charity Crimestoppers free on 0800 555 111, or via the Crimestoppers website  You can contact Crimestoppers completely anonymously and still be eligible for this reward; this is the only formally recognised means by which anonymity can be guaranteed and you will not be asked for your name or address."

Questions about the reward and Crimestoppers

Q: Who are Crimestoppers?
A: Crimestoppers is the independent crime-fighting charity that operates the anonymous 0800 555 111 telephone number and anonymous online form at

Q: Why are you offering a reward?
Crimestoppers is not offering this particular reward. In this instance the reward is being offered by an anonymous donor and facilitated by Crimestoppers in the hope that it will encourage someone to come forward with information.

Q: What do you hope it will achieve?
Publicising Crimestoppers’ anonymous service can help to give individuals the reassurance they need to come forward with information especially when that person, for whatever reason, may not feel able to go to the police. In some circles the offer of money can be an additional incentive to come forward, especially if they face financial hardship.

Q: How can people claim the reward and still remain anonymous?
Crimestoppers operates a unique system where people who are interested in claiming a reward can request a code when they submit their information. They are then advised to call Crimestoppers back after 3-6 months to see if their information lead directly to an arrest and charge, or in this case, finding Adrian.
If the information is considered to have been critical then the person is asked to nominate a bank branch (usually in a different area) where they would like to collect the money. On arrival at the branch they then collect their money by using the code they were allocated with.

Q: Can you give us some details of the investigation?
Crimestoppers cannot comment on details of an investigation, that is up to the local force.

Q: Why has it taken you this long to come up with the money?
It is not Crimestoppers who are facilitating this particular reward as we do not normally offer rewards for missing persons unless a crime is believed to have been committed.

In this case sufficient time has passed that all lines of enquiry have now been exhausted. This anonymous individual has offered the money in the hope that it may create some new leads and have requested that Crimestoppers facilitates this as we have the means of promoting, taking the information and paying the reward, whilst still protecting the identity of all concerned.

Q: How do people remain anonymous?
Crimestoppers never ask for any personal information. We do not even record whether a person is male or female and can remove information from reports if we feel it has the potential to help identify the person contacting us.

Q: What happens if people give information directly to the police?
In this instance people who choose to give information directly to the police will still be eligible for a reward. This is because the money has come from an anonymous donor who has requested this as part of their terms and conditions.



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