Real or Fake?

The States of Jersey Police are warning people to be aware of the dangers of possessing imitation weapons and BB guns, following an incident last week.

Firearms officers are called to incidents where people are reported to be carrying weapons in order to ensure the safety of the public, and this has included fake weapons, as it’s not often possible to tell whether something is real until it’s inspected.

Last week officers were called out to a young man who was in possession of the rifle shown in the picture, following a call from a concerned member of the public.

BB Gun

The item was handed to police a short time later when officers approached the man at his home address and explained the impact his actions could have had.

Would you know if this was real or fake?

Because fake guns look more and more like the real thing, officers responding to incidents cannot always identify whether a gun is real or fake until they have taken possession of it.
Therefore those carrying an imitation gun in public or other unusual circumstances could find themselves challenged by a highly-trained armed officer.

Officers continue to educate the community, especially young people, about the dangers associated with the use of fake guns. In particular, ‘Prison Me No Way’ delivers a comprehensive input to all children of a relevant age and will continue to do so in the future.

Chief Inspector Chris Beechey, head of Firearms Training and Response said:

“Fortunately, gun crime in Jersey is not common place however when the police receive a report from a member of the public about a gun in public or other unusual circumstances then we will respond accordingly with appropriately trained firearms officers.

“Replica weapons look so much like the real thing and they can seriously frighten individuals and the wider public.

“The majority of children, teachers and parents are simply not aware of the issues and consequences of carrying around such items – they don’t realise the impact these so-called ‘toys’ have on the public and as importantly, how the States of Jersey Police will respond to such reports.

“It is often impossible for either the witness or indeed a police officer to determine whether the gun is real or fake until it is in our possession and so in the meantime, we will always respond as though it is real, until we know otherwise. This of course is to protect both the public and our officers.

“All members of the public, especially parents, are asked to think very carefully about the use of such imitations guns, including BB guns, especially in a public place and even more so when it is their children who have possession of such items.”


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