Search Update - Adrian Lynch

Officers have this week spent time with a national Senior Investigating Officer advisor and a Missing Person advisor from the National Crime Agency who have been conducting a peer review of the investigation to date.

Feedback received from UK colleagues has been encouraging and they are in agreement with the belief that Adrian’s disappearance is due to misadventure and not down to the involvement of a third party, although officers continue to maintain an open mind as they have done from the outset. They are in agreement with the investigative strategies and lines of enquiry being conducted, and have made a small number of minor suggestions. Peer review suggestions are of course very much welcomed, and indeed expected such is the purpose of such external reviews.

Two victim recovery dogs and their handlers from the Hampshire Constabulary that were here just before Christmas, will be returning to the island on Monday for a few days to assist in the ongoing investigation into Adrian’s disappearance. This visit was scheduled several weeks ago and they will be searching in some of the more challenging areas with limited accessibility, notably some small areas around the Carrefour Selous vicinity and also in the valley stretch between Handois and Dannemarche reservoirs.

The CCTV sighting of Adrian walking south past Thistlegrove at 02:17 is the last firm indication of his movements. Officers still want to hear from anyone who may have been travelling into, through or out of the general and wider area that night, and particularly after 02:17, even if nothing was seen or heard as such information can assist in eliminating areas, which can be very useful for analytical purposes.



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