Adrian Lynch re-search

The search for missing man Adrian Lynch continues, as officers plan to shortly re-visit some properties in the Carrefour Selous area.

Adrian has been missing since December 5th, following a works party. He was dropped in the area of Carrefour Selous by a taxi in the early hours of the morning but never made it home. Officers have received a number of sightings of Adrian in the two hours following the drop off however no sightings after that time. Adrian’s mobile phone, wallet and belt were also recovered in the Carrefour Selous area.

Despite extensive searches of the immediate and surrounding areas covering a number of square kilometres, no further trace of Adrian has yet been found.

A team of detectives continue to work on this case in seeking to establish further details about Adrian’s disappearance.

CCTV at the Thistlegrove site shows a person believed to be Adrian walking north and then back south at 2:17am. Despite the passing of vehicles in the minutes that follow and appeals for anyone with information to contact officers, no further sightings of Adrian have been reported.

A review and analysis of information obtained, timings and the geography of the area lead detectives to believe that Adrian left the main road and returned to the Carrefour Selous area. It also now believed that the belt recovered may have been dropped by Adrian upon his return to the area sometime after 2:30am hours and not earlier on as previously thought. A former associate of Adrian’s has advised officers that it was not unknown for Adrian to take his belt off occasionally and carry it.

Searching of private grounds and outbuildings was carried out in the area in the early days of the investigation, together with house to house enquires. However, officers want to again check some properties, not only for Adrian but also for any of his possessions, including passport and driving license which he is now believed to have had on him.

Letters have been sent via Jersey Post to householders and property owners in the area to advise them of this imminent activity, to apologise for the inconvenience caused and to thank them for their support with the investigation so far.

Detective Chief Inspector Lee Turner said: “Despite a number of appeals for further information and in the knowledge that there were vehicles passing through the area after 02:17, I now believe that Adrian left the main road and returned to the Carrefour Selous area, probably via Rue de la Golarde and the Cooks Roses Farm complex.

“We know many of these people will have checked their properties, and indeed we too have checked them in the early stages of enquiry, however given the current investigative assessment and with regard to items Adrian is believed to have been in possession of which were not known at the challenging outset of search activity, I believe we need to conduct search activity in this area again.

“We remain committed to finding Adrian and establishing what happened to him, and I want to thank everyone for their support and cooperation in this matter, and apologise for any inconvenience that this further activity will cause.”


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