Adrian Lynch family statement

Statement from Adrian’s mum, Mameal and his sisters Alana and Christianne.

For the first time in my life, I’ve never been so proud to be a mum. That may sound strange and it’s a hard thing to explain. It’s because people have been helping someone they have never met before, but they do it because Ady is someone’s loved one, they could see how desperate we are and wanted to help, that makes me so proud.

I have also never been so proud of the people of Jersey who have been so supportive and understanding. Every single person I have spoken to has wanted to help. They have given us the energy to stay focussed and carry on.

In my heart I still believe Ady is alive and we all need an answer as to where he is.

Whatever has happened, we can’t change that. Personally, I believe someone knows something, so please give Ady a second chance to live or be someone who he wants to be, to come back to someone who loves him and who wants him. Just give him one more chance to live.

His sister, Alana wants to celebrate her 18th birthday with her brother and his little sister Christianne says, ‘I just want my big brother to come back to us. Please, please, let’s go find him. Thank you, everybody who is helping’.

We really want to thank Nick and all those who have stayed focussed and have worked tirelessly to try and find Ady or find any information about Ady, Jason at Foto Sound for printing all the flyers, Yellow Cabs and all the other organisations that have helped distribute them.

Thank you also to the ‘Find Adrian’ Facebook page and all the people of Jersey who have come together and responded to it.


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