Changing Face of Policing

77% of incidents in 2015 dealt with by the Police did not relate to a crime, as the face of Island policing continues to change.

That 77% includes -

  • 1,239 concern for welfare or mental health incidents
  • 2,317 suspicious activity reports from financial institutions
  • 1858 Child Protection Notifications
  • 929 Adult Protection Notifications
  • 480 missing persons reports, each of which took an average of 17.5 hours of police time
  • 1354 road traffic collisions, 344 of which resulted in an injury
  • 4,358 stop checks of vehicles 
  • Managing 69 sex offenders in the community

Of the 13,635 incidents recorded 3,080 were crimes, a drop of 2% on 2014 and the lowest crime rate since modern records were started in 1981 and down a third since 2010.

Police Chief Mike Bowron QPM said: “The face of policing is changing, not just in Jersey but across the UK as well. 21st Century policing now requires a broader range of skills from my officers and whilst recorded crime is down, we have never been busier.

“In addition to their day jobs, most officers also carry additional specialist skills within the Force, so we are able to deal with the majority of incidents on island. Increasingly, we are also seeing officers being first aiders as well as providing greater support for people with mental health illnesses, as the public now look to the Police for support in these broader community based issues.

“We are incredibly proud of the continued drop in crime which has resulted from our intelligence-led, proactive and community based approach to policing the island. These continued low crime rates haven’t happened by accident – the style of policing delivered here during the last five years has had a direct correlation with an increasingly safe community and enhanced trust and confidence as more traditional under reported crime is now being investigated by my officers – including sexual offences & domestic abuse.

“However we must also remain alive to the changing face of policing. For example, we have had to invest in our cyber crime capability which is a growing area of concern. We recorded 212 cyber related crimes in 2015 and examined 1,160 cyber related exhibits through our High Tech Crime Unit. This

is just one example of how we have adapted to the world around us and been one step ahead of criminals to keep our island safe”.

“We have also continued to review our efficiency as we do more with less. Since I joined in 2011, the number of Police Officers has reduced by nearly 10%. However, there is a limit to how far we can go without compromising public safety and we are currently working with our Minister and the Jersey Police Authority to address this important issue.

“We would also like to thank the public for their support, through social media we are now able to speak to a large number of islanders almost immediately and whenever we ask for their help it comes quickly and in abundance. That willingness to help others is one of the many reasons why all of my officers and staff are proud to serve this island.”


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